UK Readers, We Love You (Now Love Us Back – Please!)



(In case you don’t want to read any further, Queen of the Court by Melanie Howard -that’s me – and Andrea Leidolf will be just £.99 from February 8 till February 14. Happy St. Valentine’s Day! But you are missing the funny part.)  
We think UK readers will love the humor in our novel Queen of the Court, the friction between new money and old, the quirky characters, the absurd situations, and of course the copious amounts of Pimm’s #1 Cup consumed by all involved. It’s the book Julian Fellowes would have written if he’d spent his childhood in West Virginia hunting squirrels, or in an American suburb playing travel lacrosse. (Sir Julian, we are sooooo open to an Anglicized version of Queen of the Court airing on PBS. Downton Abbey can’t last forever – call us! We would say have your people call our people, but we don’t have people yet. We’re working on that.)
We understand that UK readers have been slow to embrace Kindle, so we’re offering a Valentine’s special on the eBook version of Queen of the Court. Normally it retails for  £3.98 but from February until February 14 we’re offering it for just £.99 as part of a Kindle Countdown Deal. You can hardly get a decent cup of tea for that, let alone a great read. Here’s the link If you can’t wait, buy it now. We’ll love you for it.